Reduce Alcohol Intake Before Driving to Reduce Road Crashes – CUTS International

Ghana Web Online, February 24, 2023
The Head of Research at CUTS International, Isaac Yaw Obeng, has said that people need to begin to reduce their intake of alcohol before driving so that cases of road crashes can be significantly reduced.

He explained that it is a fact that high consumption of alcohol continues to contribute to road crashes in the country and the sooner it is tackled, the better.

“The amount of alcohol that goes into your blood will determine if you are able to control yourself on the road. So, the more you drink, the more you become impaired, in terms of your nervous system, in terms of your thinking ability and capacity reduces when you drink too much. So, as part of our advocacy work – and we double as a consumer protection agency which looks into issues of protecting the people on the road, we thought it wise to drum home this important issue.

“The issue is therefore to reducing alcohol content in our blood so as to reduce the number of road crashes,” he stressed.

Isaac Obeng made this known during the Journalists Platform for Road Safety Meeting organized by CUTS International in collaboration with the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) held in Accra.

According to CUTS International, the workshop was based on the fact that the media has, over the years, played a critical role in bringing to the fore issues of national concern by reporting on them and engaging with policymakers and governments to advocate for reforms aimed at making the country better.

“The work of Journalists has led to the passage and amendment of some laws and policies which have deepened democratic governance and social cohesion. By shedding light on diverse social and human-interest issues, journalists across the country have worked to bring positive change to the country.

“This meeting was therefore organized to build the capacity of journalists on road safety reporting, thereby supporting policy change advocacy, amendments and enforcement of various road traffic regulations to improve safety on the roads and reduce road crashes,” CUTS International said.

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