Promoting a Level Playing Field: Why Ghana Needs a Competition Law (WCD 2019)

December 5, 2019, Accra, Ghana

Every year 5th December is celebrated worldwide as World Competition (Antitrust) Day. The essence of the day is to drum home the need for a functional competition (antitrust) to guide the conduct of the market. Markets devoid of competition law can also be replete with cartels controlling the supply and manufacture of essential goods and services. Activities of cartels can be so dangerous to the economy in many ways.  They can distort the functionality of the market by limiting production or supply just to spike prices. Unfortunately, the Ghanaian market is without competition policy and law, which implies that firms can get away by engaging in such conducts.

With this backdrop, CUTS organized a media encounter to drum home the urgent need for a functional Competition Policy and Law in Ghana. CUTS urged government of Ghana to prioritize the passage of the Law to level the playing field for all market players.

Press Release