About Cuts International

How we Work

We adopt a bottom-up approach that promotes the engagement of key stakeholders in designing and implementing economic development policies, from grassroots to national and international level.
CUTS’ successful work methodology relies on research and analysis to inform advocacy and training activities, involving networks of beneficiaries at all stages.

This is how we and our civil society partners in Ghana and the rest of ECOWAS region have brought together, consulted, trained and moved to advocacy action hundreds of stakeholders on issues like trade and development, regional integration, consumer education and protection, competition policy and law, investment and economic regulation, public private partnership (PPP), agricultural trade and climate-food-trade policy linkages all in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research & Analysis

We focus on policy-oriented research and analysis, which fills gaps in current knowledge and provides policy recommendations. The purpose of our research activities is to provide valuable inputs, which can be used efficiently by stakeholders at all levels.

Advocacy & Awareness-raising

Our advocacy work builds on our research and networks to achieve desirable policy changes at the local, national, regional and international level. Publications, including research studies, Briefing Papers and e-alerts; events in Accra and project countries; dialogue fora bringing together state and non-state actors of different nationalities and a variety of stakeholders; bilateral meetings and relationships with the media are part of our advocacy work.

Networking & Partnerships

Building and expanding on the networks of the CUTS centres in Europe, Asia and